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32012 ICM 1/32 Chinese AIR force II MV I-153 Fighter

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< p>the I-153 ("Chaika") was a Soviet biplane fighter of the late 30s. Designed as an improved version of The I-15 with retractable landing gear, the I-153 fought in Soviet-Japanese battles in Mongolia and was one of the main types of Soviet fighters in the early years of world war II. Three I-153s are still in use.< / p>

in 1937, the Polikarpov design Bureau conducted research to improve the performance of its I-15 biplane fighters without compromising maneuverability, since Soviet tactical doctrine was based on a combination of high-performance monoplane fighters and flexible biplanes. Early combat experience of the Spanish civil war showed that the I-16 had problems with Fiat CR biplanes.32, used by Italian troops to support the nationalists, which indicated the need for continued use of biplane fighters, and as a result Polikarpov's proposals were accepted and his design Bureau was tasked with developing a new biplane fighter.< / p>

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Vendor code: 32012
32012 ICM 1/32 Chinese AIR force II MV I-153 Fighter

45$ 34$