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1369 Italeri 1/72 MC-130E HERCULES COMBAT TALON l


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Lockheed MC-130E Combat Talon I originated directly from the famous "Hercules", the aircraft was designed for use in high-complexity operations. MC-130 is designed for such tasks as penetration of enemy lines, rescue of hostages, support of special forces, etc. "Combat Talon I" has been used since the early 90s and took part in a number of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Compared to the previous version, the aircraft has a shortened takeoff and landing and can be used on poorly prepared runways, in addition, the new version has received an upgrade of avionics, radar and navigation system for use in all weather conditions.

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Vendor code: 1369
1369 Italeri 1/72 MC-130E HERCULES COMBAT TALON l