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02239 Trumpeter 1/32 Russia Mig-29k “Fulcrum”Fighter

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MiG-29K began to be developed in 1984 as part of the USSR air force program to create a multi-purpose fighter. In 1989-1991, the MiG-29K underwent tests aboard the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. The MiG-29K differed from the MiG-29 in its multifunctional radar, duplicating the beetle, the HOTAS system and the presence of a monochrome display in the cockpit, anti-radar and anti-ship missiles, and high-precision guided weapons.  The creation of the MiG-29K was preceded by tests of the chassis for landing on aircraft carriers. The MiG-29E was first tested on July 23, 1988. On November 1, 1989, the MiG-29K made its first landing on the aircraft carrier "Tbilisi" (renamed Admiral Kuznetsov), later a successful take-off was made. The fighter has folding wings, stabilizer, increased wing area and landing hook. The aircraft is designed to gain air superiority, destroy enemy ships and cover its own fleet in all weather conditions, regardless of the time of day.

model Length: 542.8 mm.

wingspan: 375 mm.

Number of parts: 506.

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