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02266 Trumpeter 1/32 A-4E"Sky Hawk"

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A-4 by Douglas was developed as a jet attack aircraft to replace the archaic "A-1 Skyraider" with a piston engine. ​Douglas provided the design to minimize the weight, complexity and size of the machine. As a result, the machine turned out so light that weighed only half of the specification presented by the Navy. The size of the aircraft allowed to store it on the deck without the need to fold the wings. The a-4E modification had a higher-power engine, a reinforced structure with two additional pylons, improved avionics, radar, a system for accurate bombing from low altitude and other improvements. Many aircraft have been further modified to further increase engine power.

This model has a highly detailed engine, cab and chassis compartment. The flaps take a different position.

model Length: 411 mm.

wingspan: 261 mm.

Number of parts: more than 470.

Metal parts: main pylon

the photo-etched parts: straps of the pilot and the inner surface of the

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