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02253 Trumpeter 1/32 A-1H AD-6 Skyraider

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Douglas A-1 Skyraider was developed as a new generation bomber/torpedo. The order for the creation of the aircraft was received in July 1944 years, but the us Navy entered service after the war. Despite the outdated piston engine, the aircraft was successfully used in the Korean and even the Vietnam war. The aircraft has won the love and respect of the crew, this is evidenced by one of its unofficial names "Able Dog" - a smart dog, derived from the informal interpretation of the abbreviation "AD". Modification AD-6 is an improved version of the AD-4B, equipped with equipment for accurate bombing from low altitudes.

This model has a highly detailed cabin, engine, space for retractable landing gear. Flaps can take different positions, the wings are folded. The photo-etched parts for safety belt and interior details.

model Length: 369 mm.

wingspan: 477 mm.

Number of parts: more than 440.

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