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02227 Trumpeter 1/32 Lockheed P-38L-5-LO lightning

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P-38 was a revolutionary design solution for American fighter aircraft. First took to the skies on 27 January 1939, began to enter the army in October 1941 (which was very timely). One of the outstanding achievements of the P-38 was the daring operation to destroy the aircraft carrying Admiral Yamamoto April 17, 1943. The P-38-L is the development of the P-38J that has revealed the potential of this outstanding machine. P-38-L was equipped with self-healing fuel tanks and armor protection of the pilot. The armament consisted of four 12.7 mm machine guns and one 20 mm gun. As the aircraft could take 4000 pounds of bombs (1814 kg) or 5 missiles. At the time of the U.S. entry into the war, the P-38 was its fastest and most heavily armed fighter. P-38 modification L, which was built 3 848, showed even better performance. Improved flaps, which were introduced in later instances of the P-38-J became standard for the modification of L, thanks to the improved Aileron system P-38-L at high speeds showed an amazing speed of rotation around its axis . This model has highly detailed engines and working flaps.

model Length: 360 mm.

wingspan: 495 mm.

Number of parts: 362.

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