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02262 Trumpeter 1/32 Aircraft P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback

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P-47 is the largest and heaviest single-engine fighter in the history of piston aircraft. By the end of the war was the most massive fighter produced in the United States, a number of P-47s came to the USSR, where they were used as air defense aircraft to protect rear cities. In the US, the aircraft was used as a high-altitude fighter for escort bombers and as an attack aircraft. The design of this fighter allowed to carry the weight of bombs larger than some bombers of the same period. P-47 is one of the few fighters that was used in the Western European and Pacific theater, although due to the specifics of the fronts, different modifications were used. The armored cabin provided the pilot with the highest level of comfort for his time. The first flight was made on March 10, 1943.

the Term "Razorback" in the model name indicates a typical early P-47 form, where the fuselage covers the rear of the cockpit. This feature reduced visibility for the pilot, which is why later "thunderbolts" equipped with a cabin type "Bubble top". The aircraft served in the air force in several countries: USA, USSR, UK, France. Mexican and Brazilian squadrons in the US air force, as well equipped with this aircraft. Modern us air force attack aircraft A-10 named Thunderbolt II in honor of the P-47.

model Length: 344 mm.

wingspan: 388 mm.

Number of parts: 428.

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