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02265 Trumpeter 1/32 Aircraft P-47N Thunderbolt

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the P-47N was the final modification of the Thunderbolt. This modification was developed exclusively for use in the Pacific theater of operations. Because of the huge scale of the theater, the P-47 needed an even greater range than to accompany the bombing of Berlin. For long-range escort operations to accompany the B-29 aircraft, additional external fuel tanks were added and the volume of internal ones increased (for which the wing shape was changed). The last P-47N rolled off the Assembly line in October 1945. Thousands of aircraft were ordered when production was halted due to the end of the war. After the conflict, the aircraft continued to serve in the US air force and other countries. At the moment, in different parts of the world are stored intact specimens, some are in a condition suitable for flight.

model Length: 347.2 mm.

wingspan: 407.55 mm.

Number of parts: 465.

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02265 Trumpeter 1/32 Aircraft P-47N Thunderbolt