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13295 Academy 1/35 Tank 34/85 No.183 Factory "Berlin 1945"


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Manufacturer: Academy

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the T-34/85 entered production in 1944 as an improved version of the main tank of its time, the T-34/76. The tank had heavy armor to curb the impacts of the increased firepower of the enemy was increased, and their own firepower of the tank, in an enlarged turret was located 85 mm gun S-53 56 ammo shells. 12 cylinder diesel engine was able to accelerate the 32.2 ton car to 55 km/h. This combination of firepower, mobility and ease of production made the T-34/85 one of the best tanks of its period.

the Set from the Academy company represents the well-known T-34/85 which was issued by Plant No. 183 (UTZ) in the city of Nizhny Tagil. In addition to the design differences of the characteristic machines of the plant №183 catches the eye mesh screens (in the set performed by photo etching), field modification, arising with the spread of the enemy antitank means. Photos T-34 this characteristic modification can be seen in many photographs from the streets of defeated Berlin.

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