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13516 Academy 1/35 Tank German Panzer IV Ausf. H. "Ver. MID"


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Vendor code: 13516

Manufacturer: Academy

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Panzerkampfwagen IV is the most massive German tank of world war II. Fighting path this machines began in 1938 in Czechoslovakia, then was Poland, France, Balkans and Scandinavia. In 1941 it tank PzKpfw IV was the only worthy opponent of the Soviet T-34 and KV. Paradox: although the main characteristics of T IV is much inferior to the "Tiger", but this car can be called a symbol of the blitzkrieg, it is associated with the main victory of German arms.

Biography of this machine can only envy: this tank fought in the African Sands, in the snow of Stalingrad, preparing for the landing in England. Active development of the medium tank T IV began immediately after the Nazis came to power, and his last battle T IV took in 1967 as part of the Syrian army, reflecting the attacks of Israeli tanks on the Dutch heights.

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