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13521 Academy 1/35 M10 tank destroyer of the USSR Lend Lease


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the First serious anti-tank self-propelled gun in the us army was created on the chassis of the medium tank "Sherman" ACS M10, received after supplies to Britain the nickname "Wolverine" (Wolverine). For the period from September 1942 to December 1943 was produced 6706 such self-propelled guns.  Unlike the German and Soviet self-propelled guns during the Second world war, in the American ACS the gun was installed not in the armored car, but in the rotating tower, as well as on tanks. For weapons ACS M-10 used 3 - inch (76.2 mm) M7 gun, which was located in the open top of the tower. On stern its was mounted a special counterweight, which put so much emphasis on tower characteristic and easily identifiable silhouette. To combat armored targets used caliber armor-piercing projectile without ballistic tip M79. This projectile at a distance of 1000 yards (900 m) at a meeting angle of 30° relative to the normal punched 76 mm armor. Full ammunition of the ACS consisted of 54 rounds. Besides for self-defense and reflection of air attacks the self-propelled gun was equipped with 12,7-mm machine gun M2 "Browning" which was established on a tower stern. Ammunition of the machine gun consisted of 300 rounds, in addition, the crew had for self-defense and personal weapons.

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