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37043 MiniArt 1/35 Ukrainian BMR-1 with KMT-9


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BMR-1 was developed on the basis of self-propelled artillery su-122-54. Reservation remained at the level of the base machine, except for the bottom, the armor of which under the habitable compartment was significantly strengthened. On the roof of the cabin was installed turret with weapons, borrowed from the armored personnel carrier BTR-60PB. Around the turret to install additional armor plates for increased protection.
The 14.5 mm anti-aircraft machine gun kpwt was used as the main weapon. Ammunition was 600 cartridges. A 7.62 mm PKT machine gun with 2,000 rounds of ammunition was paired with the main machine gun.
Engine and drivetrain of the car was completely borrowed from the SU-122-54.
the Chassis of the BMR-1 is completely similar to the self-propelled artillery su-122-54.
two KMT-5M mine trawls developed in Chelyabinsk SKB-200 were fixed in front of the vehicle For mine trawling. For camouflage on the battlefield in the car was installed thermo-smoke equipment.

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Vendor code: 37043
37043 MiniArt 1/35 Ukrainian BMR-1 with KMT-9