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35177 Tamiya 1/35 German mortar 38cm "Sturmtiger" with 1 figure


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Vendor code: 35177

Manufacturer: Tamiya

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Assault gun "Sturmtiger" - a rare example of military equipment, which was a 38cm mortar on the chassis of a heavy tank Tiger. Development was started in August 1943, the machine was intended for use against well-fortified enemy positions. The short-barreled mortar was originally developed by Rheinmetall-Borsig to protect German Navy bases from submarines. To withstand the most powerful impact was chosen tiger chassis. In order not to reduce the number of new tanks for the production of self-propelled units only used the chassis Tigers returned from the front. The mortar fired a huge rocket projectiles with solid engine the length of each shell was 149см with a weight of 330 kg. To download these munitions on the ACS established a special tap, just the body could be placed on 14 of the shells. The release of the Stormtroopers was started in August 1944, by the end of December 1944, 18 pieces were released which were sent to the front to participate in the final battles of the War. 

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The recommended paints
Красно-коричневый (Red Brown)
Вороненая сталь (Gun Metal)
Серебро (Silver)
Телесный матовая (Flat Flesh)
Серый металлик (Metallic Grey)
Полевой серый (Field Grey)
Темно-зеленый2 (Dark Green 2)
Черный полуматовая (Semi Gloss Black)
Черный матовая (Flat Black)
Белый матовая (Flat White)
Темно-зеленый матовая (Dark Green)
Темно-желтый матовая (Dark Yellow)

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