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35190 Tamiya 1/35 American medium tank M4 Sherman (early version) 1942. with 3 figures tankers


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Vendor code: 35190

Manufacturer: Tamiya

Availability: Are available

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the M4 Sherman was the main tank of the US army during world war II. In all modifications was built more than 55 000 vehicles, more than any other American tank. There are 5 main options from M4 to M4A4 different body and used engine. On the M4 used welded armor inclined shape, radial engine Continental R975-C1 and a simple suspension known as VVSS. The tower made a single part was installed 75 mm main gun. The release of M4 began in July 1942, five months later, during the Italian company began to be used M4A1 with cast housing. Despite the smaller than the German tanks, firepower, Sherman surpassed them in reliability, mobility and quantity. M4 Sherman was used on all fronts until the end of the war.

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