71166 Vallejo acrylic Paint `Model Air` Set Model Air RLM colors II (8cv.)

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Manufacturer: Vallejo

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Collection for models and miniatures. The set consists of six water-based acrylic paints, matte varnish and a special thinner. Just a set of 8 vessels with capacity of 17 ml. each. The RLM kit contains a sheet with a General description of the colors and parts of the aircraft where the color was used.


light green RLM82 71.022

71.043 Braunviolett RLM81

71.046 Litchblau RLM76

71.128 Grauviolett RLM75

71.054 Dunkelgrau RLM74

71.101 Hellblau RLM 788

70.520 Matt Varnish

70.261 Thinner

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