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Trumpeter 1/32 02222 Vought F4U-4 Corsair

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F4U Corsair company Chance-Vought was one of the most successful fighters of the Second world war. Produced longer than any other American aircraft of world war II (1942-1952), a total of 12 571 aircraft were built, some of which were in service until 1965. Corsair this modification was used in the final stages of the war in the Pacific ocean. The F4U-4 used the Pratt & Whitney R2800-18W engine, later upgraded to the R2800-42W. This powerful engine needed more air, which forced the designers to alter the nose of the aircraft, increasing the air intake. The exhaust system was also subjected to alteration, the exhaust points were now both under and above the wing of the aircraft. Another important difference was the complete change of the cockpit, in order to capture its ergonomics. Changes touched the floor of the cabin, new consoles, panels, pilot's seat and armored panel behind him were installed. F4U-4 first participated in the fighting in Okinawa in 1945. He took part in the Korean war. It was the fastest "dogfighter" of the series. Corsair, definitely became the longest-living fighter of the US Navy world war II, his last sortie took place in 1971 in El Salvador and F4U-4 was recognized as the most perfect Corsair.

model Length: 321 mm.

wingspan: 390 mm.

Number of parts: 350.

Color schemes: F4U-4 white 13/BuNo 80879 of Capt Kenneth A Walsh, VMF-222,Okinawa, June 1945

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