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02221 Trumpeter 1/32 Aircraft F4U-1D "Corsair"

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F4U-1D Corsair firm Chance Vought was a modification of the F4U-1 series, was distinguished by the ability to hang bomb weapons. Initially, the work on the installation of bomb weapons on the serial F4U-1 was carried out by the personnel of the squadrons VMF-222 and VF-17, soon such modifications were made by other squadrons.  F4U-1D was equipped with an engine R-2800-8W, high power allowed to raise additional weight in the form of missiles, bombs or external fuel tanks.  The F4U-1D had three pylons, one under the fuselage, and two under the wings, later added space for missiles. Later, in early 1944, the shock absorbers of the chassis was changed to a longer one that has corrected the tendency of Dogs to jump when landing. The longer tail wheel lifted the tail and reduced stability issues. These changes were decisive for the use of the Corsair in operations related to the carrier-based, finally at the end of 1944 years F4U began to be classified as a carrier-based aircraft. It is noteworthy that all the corsairs modification F4U-1D were completely painted in the color "Gloss Sea blue". None of them took part in combat missions until early 1945, when a group of aircraft flew from an aircraft carrier to attack Japanese forces. As one of the later aircraft of the War, the F4U-1D continued service after the end of world war II, until it was replaced by the F4U-4, or other aircraft. Some F4U-1D after undergoing major repairs were sold to El Salvador in the sixties.

model Length: 323 mm.

wingspan: 390 mm.

Number of parts: 355

recommended colour scheme: VMF-312 “White 530”, Okinawa, 1945

Metal parts: ailerons and stirrups flap

the photo-etched parts: Aileron and flap hinges

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