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02234 Trumpeter 1/32 TBM-3 Avenger

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the Company Grumman Corporation to work on a replacement for TBF-1 Avenger has never engaged in development of offensive aircraft. The XTBF-1, which first took to the air in August 1940, was a loud machine with a sturdy frame, folding wings for storage on deck, interior space for torpedoes or other weapons, a large fuel reserve and a rear turret. Eastern Aircraft was awarded a subsequent contract to produce an almost identical aircraft known as the TBM in March 1942. Most of the Avengers were produced in the form of TBM-3 by Eastern. There were such features as a powerful engine R-2600, reinforced wings for increased weight and the presence of mounts for radar or missiles. During the war, was released several versions were used for night reconnaissance, photo reconnaissance and transport. Other visible modifications were the "3E" is the first specialized aircraft to combat submarines were modern for its time, the sensors, and the "3W" is the first aircraft carrying the radar early warning. 

model Length: 385 mm.

wingspan: 526 mm.

Number of parts: 492.

Metal parts: ailerons and rod flaps

photo Etching: one set for ailerons and flap, the second for bomb Bay and engine ventilation. 

model Features: fully detailed engine, functioning flaps.

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