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02255 Trumpeter 1/32 F4F-3 Wildcat(Early)

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the Stocky F4F Wildcat (wildcat), with its short wings, is one of the most successful and recognizable aircraft in the world. F4F has a fairly short, rounded fuselage, with rectangular wings of the middle location. The wings were not folded for storage on the aircraft carrier.  All the most important parts of the aircraft were in front of the barrel-shaped fuselage. The fuel tank and landing gear were located directly under the pilot. Such concentration provided speed of service of this maneuverable fighter. Radial, 14-cylinder air-cooled engine gave speed 330 miles per hour (about 530 km/h). The flight range was 845 miles (1360 km). The standard armament was four 50-caliber machine guns (12.7 mm.) mounted in the wings, a practical ceiling of 37,500 feet (11,277 meters). The F4F-3 provided good survivability, pilot protection and high dive speed. The plane had quite good maneuverability, but as it soon turned out, he did not beat the Japanese zero. Pilots often complained about the inconvenience of removing the chassis, it happened manually and required 30 (according to other data 29) revolutions of the handle of the manual winch, which greatly complicated the already difficult procedure of take-off from the aircraft carrier.

model Length: 277 mm.

wingspan: 360 mm.

Number of parts: 267.

Recommended paints from the manufacturer:

Clear Green



Metal Black

Flat Black

Clear Red

Burnt Iron


Russian Green(1)

Tire Black

Orange Yellow

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