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02297 Trumpeter 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6(Late)

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the BF109 series 'G' or 'Gustav' would have been introduced in mid-1942. The initial variants (G-1 to G-4) differed from the Bf109 F only in the secondary parts, the most significant difference was the more powerful 1475 h. p. engine DB 605. Odd versions were equipped with a pressurized cabin and GM-1 accelerator for high-altitude fighters, whereas odd versions designed to gain air superiority and ground attacks had no cabin sealing. As the same existed far fotorazvedchiki scouts are equipped with cameras. Bf-109 G later series (from G-5 to G-14) were produced in various versions. By early 1944, the tactical requirement led to the addition of the MW-50 water injection system and high-performance superchargers, the boosted engine gave out power 1 800 - 2 000 L. c.

Length: 283.4 mm

Wingspan: 308.1 mm

Number of parts: more than 250

model Features: detailed engine and cockpit

Model the model should be assembled with flaps in different positions

Rubber tyres

photo Etching

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