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02224 Trumpeter 1/32 Flanker B

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su-27, a long-range fighter comparable to the F-15 US air force in tasks and size. Su-27 began to be produced in 1982, and is currently in service with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. Under-license issued in China under the designation F-11. Equipped with an analog fly-by-wire control system and pulse Doppler radar, can take up to ten cancers of air-to-air class with the ability to look-down/shoot-down (the ability to detect, fix and defeat the target located below the line of sight).  Su-27 has a rear radar that provides the ability to hit targets behind the aircraft. Due to the high ratio of weight to power and perfect aerodynamics, the su-27 demonstrates outstanding flight characteristics at high angles of attack. In addition, the Soviet Navy ordered an improved version of the su-27 K, later renamed the su-33, for operation on aircraft carriers. An interesting feature of the su-27 is the autopilot, which, at the touch of the pilot panic button at any altitude turns the aircraft in a parallel position to the ground. In addition to the su-33, the basic su-27 was modified to su-30, 35, 37 and 34.

model Length: 698 mm.

Wingspan: 461mm.

Number of parts: 350 mm.

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