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02290 Trumpeter 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4/Trop

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Bf 109 was a German world war II fighter developed by Wilhelm Messerschmitt in the early 30s. It was one of the first truly modern aircraft of its era, had such features as a metal structure, a closed cabin and retractable landing gear. The first combat use took place during the civil war in Spain, the last battles took place at the time of dawn of jet aircraft, at the end of world war II. Bf 109 was the backbone of the German fighter forces.

To modify the "E-4" of the fighter was removed the motor cannon and the cannons in the wings were replaced by the faster-firing MG FF/M. Difference modify the "trop" is a sand filter and other devices for use in hot climates.  The improvement of the Bf 109 E-3 before the modification of the E-4 was relatively simple, most obsolete aircraft underwent this modification.

model Length: 273 mm.

wingspan: 308 mm

Recommended paints from the manufacturer:

White insignia

Light Blue

Sang Yellow


Olive Green

Burnt Iron


Tire black

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Внимание! Клей и краски в набор модели не входит.

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