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00910 Trumpeter 1/16 German Sd.kfz.182 Kingtiger (Henschel Turret & Porsche Turret)

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In early October 1942, plans for the release of VK 45.03 were revised. Initially, both designs, firms Henschel and Porsche were approved. The towers of both companies were manufactured by Krupp, the main differences were in the chassis, transmission and clutch. Henschel used sloping armor that resembled a Panther in design. The engine was located in the rear of the body, the scheme of rollers resembled the original Tiger. Henschel won the contract, and all Tiger IIS were produced by this firm. Despite the common name "Porsche tower" in fact, this design is a variant of the tower, produced at an early stage for the prototypes of both companies. 50 towers were installed on the chassis of Henschel, the remaining tanks were equipped with a tower easier to manufacture, without protruding commander's turret and "shot traps" - beveled corners of the tower contributed to the ricocheting of the projectile into the weakly armored roof of the hull. The tank was produced in relatively small quantities at the end of the war. The engine used on the tiger - 2 was the same as on much lighter Panthers and Tigers, which led to low mobility of the tank, but the designers did not consider this a significant drawback, since a powerful gun with quality aiming systems knocked down to impose a fight on the enemy at a long distance.

model Length 505 mm.

model width 188 mm.

model height 173 mm.

Two build options to choose from with "Henschel tower" or "Porsche tower".

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Внимание! Клей и краски в набор модели не входит.

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