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14430 Orient Express 1/144 Li-2 Transport aircraft

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14430 Orient Express 1/144 Transport aircraft Li-2

PS-84 ( Li-2 1942 g) - twin-engine passenger aircraft - licensed version of the American aircraft Douglas DC-3 .Serial production since the middle of 1938 at the plant №84 named after V. P. Chkalov in Khimki, in the version of civil PS-84. In April 1941, the factory in Khimki collected the 100th plane. By the beginning of the war ,Aeroflot had 72 PS-84, 49 - in the air force, 5 in the Navy. From July 1941, the aircraft began to put defensive armament.

Initially, the crew of the passenger PS-84 consisted of 5 people, two pilots, a flight mechanic, a radio operator and a flight attendant.  The number of passengers - from 14 to 21.

the Aircraft is well established as a passenger and transport, featuring reliability, efficiency and ease of operation. During the great Patriotic war, it was widely used not only for a variety of transportation at the front and in the rear, but also as a night bomber.

During the war, the Soviet air force received about 2,000 Li-2 aircraft.

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