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14491 Orient Express 1/144 Passenger aircraft BN-2A Mk III Trislander

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the Need for a new high-capacity aircraft (at least 50%) led the company "Britten-Norman" to the decision to create a new modification of its popular aircraft. However, due to the simple extension of the fuselage to solve the problem was not possible, but because in 1970 there was already a three-engine Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk III Trislander, which compared with its predecessor, Islander, had an increased load capacity, longer fuselage, reinforced chassis with new main pillars with larger wheels and new tires. Other improvements have been introduced. The forward part of the fuselage was extended by 2.29 m, and the tail part of the fuselage was strengthened. Despite the fact that most experts were in favor of the installation of the third engine in the bow, it was eventually installed on the middle line of the fuselage, on the vertical stabilizer, which underwent redesign. The aircraft was designed for one or two crew members and 17 passengers, and the scheme of installation of seats "from side to side" was saved, but the number of doors was increased to five (two on the left side and three on the right).
the Trislander Prototype was manufactured by reworking from the second Islander prototype and made its first flight on September 11, 1970. The first production Trislander took to the air on March 6, 1971, it already had an increased wingspan (this became an option for customers of Islander aircraft) and a vertical tail of an increased area. The type certificate for the new car was received on may 14, 1971, and the first on June 29, 1971, the aircraft was received by the company "Aurigny Air Services".

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