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144138-1 Orient Express 1/144 Viscount 700 Civil airliner Air France


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the Vickers Viscount is a British medium-range turboprop aircraft first launched in 1948 by Vickers-Armstrongs. A design requirement of the Brabazon Committee, it was commissioned in 1953 and was the first turboprop-powered airliner.< / p> < p>Viscount was well received by the public for the cabin conditions, which included increased pressure, reduced vibration and noise, and panoramic Windows. It became one of the most successful and profitable of the first post-war transport aircraft; 445 viscounts were built for a wide range of international customers, including in North America.< / p> < p>the Type 700 seats 48 passengers (53 in some configurations) and has a cruising speed of 496 km / h.< / p>