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02342 Trumpeter 1/35 Soviet 85mm air defense gun 52-K later


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Vendor code: 02342

Manufacturer: Т$ач

Availability: Not available

Additional Information

52-K 85mm Soviet was the instrument of defense was successfully used during world war II to engage bombers and other targets at high and medium altitudes. If necessary, they were used as anti-tank guns. The barrel 52 To be the Foundation for the family of 85-mm Soviet tank guns. For the entire period of the war these guns had shot down 4 047 enemy aircraft. After the war, virtually all the countries of the Eastern bloc received these guns for air defense. In the Soviet Union, these guns were replaced by 100 and 130 mm analogues.

model Length: 207 mm

Width: 139 mm

Number of parts: more than 250

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Внимание! Клей и краски в набор модели не входит.

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