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09525 Trumpeter 1/35 Russian type 80U MBT

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In the 70-ies of the hcbm, a lot of work was carried out to improve the t-64B serial tank, which included the installation of a new 6td-1 diesel engine with a capacity of 1000...1200 HP and to improve the characteristics of the weapons control system.
a new combat compartment Was developed, which was then adopted without changes for installation on the T-80U tank. The T-80U tank structurally differed from the t-64B serial tank in two main features:
- the use of support rollers with an external busbar (instead of rollers with internal shock absorption);
- the installation of a gas turbine engine (GTE) instead of a diesel engine.
the Layout of the T-80U tank is similar to that adopted on the T-64 and is based on developments in its modernization.
The T-80 tank with GTE emerged as an alternative to the T-64 tank with a two-stroke diesel engine (5TDF).
Therefore, the designer NS Popov was categorically against the installation of the engine 6TD-1 in the T-80 tank, even as a backup option. T-80 is accepted on arms in a 1976 ., constantly improved, but the main development of the latest achievements in protection, arms control were carried out in the hcbm, the development of the designers of "Spetsmash" were mainly engaged in the problems of integrating the GTE into the design of the tank and ensuring its performance.
In the early 80's the influence of supporters of the gas turbine power plant in the highest ranks of the government, including the top officials of the state. With the aim of unifying the tank Park, it was decided about the production of the plant. Malyshev (Kharkiv), the Leningrad Kirov plant and the Omsk plant of the "October revolution" of the main t-80U tank. the Decision was made without a sufficient scientific and economic base and was based on the opinions of a number of influential state figures of the USSR, primarily D. F. Ustinov and N. S. Popov, with the support of a number of influential statesmen.

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Защитный (Protective)
Сталь (Steel)
Черный матовая (Flat Black)

Внимание! Клей и краски в набор модели не входит.

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