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48010 ARK-models 1/48 Soviet fighter I-16 type 18

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At the beginning of 1939, the issue was resolved with the replacement of the engine M-25 on a more powerful M-62. Vosmikaltsievy M-62 and determined the appearance of new modifications of I-16 type 18. Type 18 was created on the basis of I-16 type 10. Alterations touched the gain motors, installation-sealing the gas tank, significant changes in the oil system. Added an additional oil tank 12 l. the oil Cooler is increased to 8 inches, setting it slightly lower, making the hood at the bottom slightly "sagged". The branch pipe (intake) of the oil cooler is increased. At the top there was a nozzle of high-speed head of the carburetor. The knockout on the hood ring under the tender of the tightening tape is moved from the bottom to the side, opposite the knockout under the skis. The first batch of machines type 18 was equipped with a fixed pitch screw (VFS) - in this case, the COC screw was put with type 10. On machines equipped with a variable pitch screw (VISH), a new cook was put, specially made for this screw. On the last screw machines were set AV-1, the COC were already new with of 24. However, before the type 18 began to be mass-produced, the engine was replaced in combat conditions. In the second half of summer 1939 began the use of And-16, equipped the engine of M-62 - subsequently such machines have become denoted by as type of 18. M-62, having a high power and altitude, could be installed instead of the engine M-25 almost without alterations. Test the first machine with the new motor showed that the flight data has increased significantly.. The next stage for the plant was the I-16 with an even more powerful m-63 engine. This aircraft in the four-variant became known as the type 24. Although the installation of the M-62 and M-63 was hampered by the lack of a sufficient number of variable pitch propellers and some units - type 18 and type 24 of the construction of plant No. 21 managed to take part in the final phase of the war in Mongolia.

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Vendor code: 48010
48010 ARK-models 1/48 Soviet fighter I-16 type 18