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72211 1/72 Eastern Express Fighter LaGG-3 (type 66)


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the LaGG-3 Fighter was developed in the design Bureau under the leadership of S. A. Lavochkin, M. I. Gudkov and V. P. Gorbunov. The first flight of the prototype - in March 1940 LaGG-3 type 66 - the last production version of the aircraft, modified on the proposals of TSAGI and front-line pilots. From their predecessors outwardly different flat windshield and changed the shape of the radiator air intake. LaGG-3 type 66 was produced from spring 1943 to mid-1944. Wingspan - 9.8 m, length - 8.82 m, maximum speed - 570 km/h Weapons - one gun caliber 20 mm and one gun caliber 12.7 mm.

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