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Eastern Express 72284 1/72 carrier-based interceptor D. H. 110 sea vixen F. A. W.-2

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D. H. 110 Sea Vixen is an all - weather carrier-based interceptor. Development of the interceptor began in the late 40s. The first flight of the prototype - autumn 1951 serial production from the late 50's. Sea Vixen - the first fighter of the British fleet with purely missile weapons - in the fuselage were two built-in launchers nurs. The crew consisted of two people. The radar operator was placed in a special cabin in the fuselage. Modification F. A. W.-2 differed from the original model more sophisticated equipment and additional fuel tanks built into the tail boom. Sea Vixen took part in local conflicts in the English colonies of the 60s. In the early 70's they were replaced by phantom F. G. 1.

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The recommended paints
Серебро (Silver)
Красный глянцевая (Red)
Белый глянцевая (White)
Тёмно-синий (Dark Blue)
Черный глянцевая (Black)
Серо-голубой матовая (Flat Grey Blue)

Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

The configuration and appearance of the model are subject to change without notice.

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