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02808 Trumpeter 1/48 “WELLINGTON” Mk.1C

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Wellington was the most significant of the RAF bombers of the initial phase of the war. The prototype first took to the air in 1936 year, in 1939 the aircraft was provided to the troops. Throughout the war, the aircraft was based in the UK, India, the middle East, North Africa and Italy. Despite the modern look, the aircraft is based on the technologies of the previous era. By 1942, due to the low speed, practical ceiling and bomb load, the aircraft was considered hopelessly outdated in the European theater of military operations. Although the aircraft was superseded by more modern Lancasters and the Halifaxes machine continued to be used in other roles and on other fronts. For example, the use of the aircraft as a training was completed only in 1953 year. In total, 11 461 Wellington of various modifications were built - a record number for the RAF bomber.

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