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02831 Trumpeter 1/48 Soviet MiGG-3 Late Version

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MiG-3, development of the MiG-1 predecessor. Externally, the aircraft have only minor differences (but there were pronounced differences in performance). At the time of the creation of the aircraft, no country had such a fast high-altitude interceptor, it was perfectly suited for this role, but during the events of 1941, the pilots were forced to engage in battle at low and medium altitudes, where the MiG-3 lost its advantages over German machines (sometimes the MiG-3 was used even as a stormtrooper). A total of 3,322 aircraft were built in three versions. On MiG-3 at the beginning of the war flew one of the aces of the red army A. I. Pokryshkin. Thanks to the highest maintainability of the aircraft was in service almost until the end of the war, there is evidence that of the 2-3 unrecoverable machines in the field was going suitable for combat aircraft.

model Length: 172.4 mm.

Wingspan: 212.22 mm.

Number of parts: 83.

Recommended paints from the manufacturer:


Flat black

Light Blue

Burnt Iron

Tire Black

Light Green

Forest Green


Insignia Red

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