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35021 ARK-models 1/35 Soviet heavy tank KV-9

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the KV-9 was developed on the basis of the KV-1 at the end of 1941 to increase the firepower of heavy tanks. He was armed with a 122 mm u-11 (M-30) howitzer and four 7.62 mm dt machine guns. The prototype was manufactured in late 1941 - early 1942. In February 1942, it was successfully tested. The combat weight of the tank increased to 48 tons compared to the basic modification, which led to a decrease in the maximum speed to 35 km/h.

Number of parts: 234.

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Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

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Vendor code: 35021
35021 ARK-models 1/35 Soviet heavy tank KV-9