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Eastern Express 35134 1/35 Item emergency management (kung)


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Vendor code: 35134


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In 1964 started production of military off-road vehicle . The machine was intended for use by all types of armed forces in all road conditions. The truck was exported in large quantities and proved itself in combat operations in various regions of the world. The base of the truck served as the basis for a whole family of specialized vehicles. Widely used body type kung, in particular to create a fully Autonomous, mobile control point. The truck is still in service with Russia and other countries.

Number of parts - 198.

model Length - 16.2 cm.

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The recommended paints
Белый глянцевая (White)
Белый матовая (Flat White)
Черный матовая (Flat Black)
Ржавчина (Rust)

Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

The configuration and appearance of the model are subject to change without notice.

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