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01593 Trumpeter 1/35 Russian BTR-70 APC in Afghanistan

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Manufacturer: Т$ач

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BTR-80 - armored personnel carrier designed to deliver personnel and provide fire support. So the same could be used for reconnaissance, patrolling, and other tasks. It entered service in late 1980 and has since been used in many conflicts, including UN peacekeeping missions.  The APC continues to be produced and is in service with Russia and other countries. The BTR-80 exceeds the BTR-60/70 in capacity, and has a more powerful engine. Despite the fact that the armament of the BTR-80 is no different from its predecessors (not counting smoke grenades), the conical tower of the new model allows you to raise the gun at a greater angle.  The BTR-80 was created taking into account the shortcomings of its predecessors, the design made such changes as ball installations for firing from personal weapons and large double-leaf side doors for the possibility of landing on the move.

model Length: 218.8 mm

Width: 80.7 mm

Number of parts: more than 500

the photo-etched parts: 2 PCs.

model Features: tires are made of hollow rubber with high quality tread pattern

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Внимание! Клей и краски в набор модели не входит.

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