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02846 Trumpeter 1/48 Chinise J-8IID fighter

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Manufacturer: Т$ач

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J-8II has significant differences from the original J8 (Shenyang), these include changes in the fuselage, consumption, and the new nose is more like the F-4 Phantom II or su-15, as well as the aircraft is equipped with a more powerful radar. The J-8B first took off in November 1989. The aircraft has two engines WP-13AII, armed with a double-barreled, 23 mm gun and a set of bombs/missiles. Modification J-8IID made its first flight on November 21, 1990, has a refueling system in the air and navigation system TACAN.

model Length: 451.9 mm.

wingspan: 195.2 mm.

Number of parts: 330.

Recommended paints from the manufacturer:

Clear Red


Stee (Metal Black)

Burnt Iron

Clear Green

Aircraft Grey

Tire Black

White Insignla

Light Green

middle Stone

Flat Black


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