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35042 ARK-models 1/35 Soviet medium tank 34-76 (tank City)

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Tank T-34 76 is considered one of the best tanks of the Second world war, which absorbed all the best qualities of these combat vehicles. He was recognized the best for his time not only Soviet military, but even their adversaries, which directly encountered in with this tank in combat conditions.

German tankers in the forty-first year, had nothing to oppose to the T-34 76 with its excellent armor and serious firepower. In addition to the optimal characteristics for wartime, the tank was characterized by a fairly simple design, high manufacturability and adaptability to combat in various conditions. The tank was easily repaired in the field, which undoubtedly became its huge plus. Before the appearance in service of Germany "Tigers", "Panthers" and "Ferdinand" Soviet T-34 was a mortal threat to the Germans. T-34 entered the hardest fights and often came out of them the winner.

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Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

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