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3624 Zvezda 1/35 kV-1 Tank with l-11 gun

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Vendor code: 3624

Manufacturer: Zvezda

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Additional Information

the Prototype of the new tank was manufactured at the Leningrad Kirov plant (LZK) in August 1939, and in February 1940 serial production of KV tanks began there. KV was a truly innovative design that embodied the most advanced ideas: individual torsion bar suspension, reliable anti-discharge armor, diesel engine and powerful 76-mm universal gun L-11. Separately, these solutions have been implemented several times before, but the KV-1 was the first combat vehicle to embody their combination.

model Size - 19 cm

Number of parts - 243 PCs.

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The recommended paints
Медь (Copper)
Сталь (Steel)
Вороненая сталь (Gun Metal)
Ржавчина (Rust)
Красный матовая (Flat Red)
Белый матовая (Flat White)
Черный матовая (Flat Black)
Серый (Grey)
Хаки матовая (Khaki)
Темно-зеленый матовая (Dark Green)

Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

The configuration and appearance of the model are subject to change without notice.

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Vendor code: 3624
3624 Zvezda 1/35 kV-1 Tank with l-11 gun