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the FT-17 Light tank was developed in France during the Second world war, its revolutionary configuration - the crew in the front compartment, the engine in the rear, the rotating turret in the middle - remain the standard of tank construction to this day. The octagonal tower replaced the round ones in the early stages of production, this design was easier to mass produce than the early cast towers. In addition, the early towers were too small to be fitted with any kind of cannon armament. The crew of the tank consisted of two people, in the tower was installed 8 mm machine gun Hotchkiss M1914 or 37 mm gun Puteaux SA18. Since 1931, the French army's FT-17 was equipped with a 7.5 mm reibel MAC Mle machine gun.31. Tanks were used at the beginning of world war II. It was built 4 100 FT-17, not counting machines manufactured abroad. The tank was used by many armies (confirmed by the use in 27 countries).FT-17 became the first tank of the classical layout, which determined the direction of the entire world tank building.

model Length: 142mm

Width 51 mm

the model is included the base for the diorama.

Working tracks are assembled without glue

suspension system in Operation

Two types of weapons: cannon and machine gun

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Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

The configuration and appearance of the model are subject to change without notice.

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