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TS-007 MENG1/35 German leopard 1 A3/A4 tank


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Vendor code: TS-007

Manufacturer: Meng

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The Leopard 1 A3/A4 main battle tank has a crew of four, armed with a 105 mm rifled l7a3 gun. Length - 9, 54 m (with the gun directed forward), width - 3.37 m, combat weight - 42.4 t. the maximum road speed - 65 km. h. Leopard 1 A3 inherited all the improvements Leopard 1 A2, but has a new welded tower with spaced armor and other changes. Leopard 1 A4 is equipped with the same tower as its predecessor and has a fire control system that significantly increases the combat effectiveness of the tank and increases the probability of hitting the target. Leopard 1 has become the standard tank of European forces due to its reliability and outstanding mobility, used in many countries outside Europe. 


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Vendor code: TS-007
TS-007 MENG1/35 German leopard 1 A3/A4 tank