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3697 Zvezda 1/35 Russian three-axle truck " K-5350 Mustang"

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Manufacturer: Zvezda

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< p>KAMAZ-5350, also called "Mustang", is a four-wheel drive truck produced by KAMAZ in Naberezhnye Chelny. The car is commercially available since 2003, and is also designed for military applications.< / p>

The first prototypes of the new military truck were in 1991. They already bore the name KAMAZ-5350 and resembled in their properties later production cars. Thus, a similar V8 diesel engine of its own production was built, as well as a homemade KAMAZ gearbox. The payload was six tons. However, there was no mass production until 2002.< / p>

When KAMAZ-53501 appeared in 2003, the plant began production of KAMAZ-5350. At the time, the car had a load capacity of six tons with a similar body. A large-capacity diesel engine of KAMAZ's own production with a volume of almost eleven liters was installed.< / p>